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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Amor de hombre (Spanish) [The Love Of a Man]

One of te numerous films where the relationship between a gay man and his fg hag is explored. It is funny how sometims whether you liked a film or not depends on the fact when you saw the film compared to the other films. By now I have seen so many films on similar theme, that I did nt find anything novel about this film. Granted it was made much before these other films that I saw.

Ramón is a handsome, successful lawyer in Madrid who happens to be gay and unlike most of his friends has not settled into a partnership. His closest friend is Esperanza who is a divorced school teacher, just turned 40, who love Ramón and constantly tries to help him find the 'right man' while Ramón tries to help her find her 'right man'. They party together with all of Ramón's professional friends - doctors, businessmen, teachers - and Ramón is hedonistic enough to have a different be partner every evening. After an automobile accident in which Ramón is injured, Esperanza moves in to care for him, a care that includes asking one of her fellow teachers Roberto to offer physical therapy and massage to the ailing Ramón. Roberto gives no attention to Ramon leading to Ramon's growing fascination for him. A twist hapens and now Roberto seduces Ramon. (He is a gold digger who earlier used to live with another old rich man). Esperanzo warns him but Ramon doesn't listen which affects their friendship. The romance comes to a tragic ending and the quality of friendship is at last tested.

The only good thing is that the film focusses on healthy men who happen to be gay rather tahn showing tragic lives. The circle of friends seems always on the watch for the 'new man on the block', but the cruising is healthy and fun. Ramon was very cute like most Spanish men.

A light entertaining film. (5/10)

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