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Sunday, August 16, 2009

3 garçons, 1 fille, 2 mariages (French) [3 Guys, 1 Girl, 2 Weddings]

One more of those movies which I had to watch again so that I could blog about it and make really sure that I have seen it. I must admit that by writing this bog, at least I can make sure that I dont repeat movies, unless I really want to. Another hilarious take on gay man falling for his straight friend but in a funny hilarious manner is what this film is about.

Dan and Laurent are best friends and room mates. Laurent is gay and madly in love with Dan who is straight but of course Dan has no idea about it. Dan runs a sex talk show on radio and Laurent along with his 3 other friends is fighting for gay rights. Wen Dan finally meets the girl of his dreams Camille, Laurent's dreams take the shape of fear that he wont ever be turn their friendship to love. Laurent tries every trick to derail Dan's relationship and when Dan plans marriage and moves out, Laurent takes on lesbian roommate Sam who is very supportive to Laurent, even to the extent that hey both end up having sex just to try it and see. Camille knows of Laurent's passion for Dan and she encourages Dan to try out a gay experience just to be sure that he is making a right decision. The results of course are hilarious. Laurent tries so many tricks to show Dan how much he loves him but they all end up in hilarious ways. FInally on the day of the wedding things comes out and Dan ends up punching Laurent for all he had been doing. That helps Laurent get over Dan completely. And thats when one of his friends from the gay activist group tells Laurent, how much he loves him and likes him an was waiting for him to get over Dan and proposes him. A year later when they are getting marred, Dan shows up again with a pregnant Camille reminding him that they were supposed to be friends forever and they should be irrespective of what happened.

The movie is made with a funny pretext and it makes u laugh and smile in parts. Acting is pretty good by everyone. Laurent's desperation to get his best friend to love him is so well depicted. The only thing that stands out as a sore thumb is the guy in the end proposing Laurent suddenly out of nowhere when nothing of his feeling was shown throughout the movie.

Its definitely a good time pass moie that makes u laugh at some points. (7/10)

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