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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Straight Story (Greek)

I can't remember but I am pretty sure I watched a film with a similar theme earlier. This one although was funnier and sassier than the ones I have seen before. Forget the acting aspect but overall it was a good fun experience. The film is set in a modern world where being gay is the norm and straight people are in minority and are considered perverts.

Yiannis is a straight man in a gay world, who secretly goes to straight clubs. He has loving dads and he is afraid to come out to them and tell them he is straight. He loves Sophia at his work but is too afraid to say her because she is already in relationship with another girl. Secretly Yiannis hangs out with his straight friends and goto clubs. One of the night, SOphia and Yiannis get both drunk and end up sleeping with each other. Yiannis likes her but now she is confused because she totally loves her partner but she also can't resist the temptation of being with a man. Meanwhile one of Yiannis's dad has had an affair with a very yound man who is now in love with him and is threatening to ruin the perfect happy family. He to an extent succeeds but the dad begs forgiveness from his spouse. The other dad passes out when the secret of Yiannis being straight is revealed and that is wen film has a fantastic end. It is revealed that he was watching a dream. But now he gets a perspective to accept his own son being gay and loving.

The acting by al characters was really good. Oh! and one thing I couldn't help but noticing was that Yiannis ass was soooo good. lol. A lot of stuff was over the top but hey I am not complaining. It made me laugh by taking me to an escapist cinema and once in a while it is good to watch such stuff.

Good time pass with a good dosage of laughter. (6.5/10)

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