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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

J'ai rêvé sous l'eau (French) [I Dreamt Under The Water]

This was a little confusing film. Not as much from the story perspective but from teh way it was directed and the way the film was heading to. It was a little confusing following the whole plot.

Antonin is a young man who hangs out wit his friends. He is in love with Alex who is deep in drugs but never had the courage to tell him. He lives with his divorced mom who is unhappy with her life. One day because of drug abuse, Alex dies. This leave Antonin devastated. In pursuit to search for himself he turns into being a hustler and making money for himself. During one such encounters, he becomes friends with a guy who is going through his breakup. but during the course he meets a girl Juliette and he falls in love with her. He stops hustling but keeps visiting his friend whom he met. The film goes through various twists involving these three individuals. And if you are wondering WHy I dont know what happens, it is because I could not handle the movie anymore. It was soo boring.

The only good thing about he film was how good looking Alex and Antonin were. Th sexual scenes were filmed very realistic which can sometimes be a turn off. Aside from the over-stylization, the film is flawed by a seriously unsatisfactory conclusion.

Totally avoidable. (2/10)

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