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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Holding Trevor

This film looks like it has been made by a relative new director. The story was very basic and paper thin but the treatment was very fresh and real. There were lot of time where one way or the other I was able to relate to the film and the characters.

Trevor is entangled in a very unhealthy relationship with Darrell who s a drug addict. He is also in a telemarketing job which he hates. When Darrell is caught doing drugs no sooner than he came out of rehab, Trevor decides he cant take it any more. He meets a charming doctor Ephram and begins dating him. They have a very sweet and cute relationship going on. Trevor shares an apartment with Andie, a morose alcoholic who passes out during a party and awakes to discover she had sex with a stranger she can’t remember. They also have a best friend Jake who is practically living with them and is very harsh and speaks his mind. They make a good trio. All three of them go for HIV test and it turns out Andie is positive. She doesn't tell anyone until one night when she lashes out on Trevor for always complaining about his problems and not listening to others. Trevor and Ephram try and work through their relationship. Ephram gets a job in NY and wants Trevor to move with him but Andie and Jake try to reason with him that he has a life in LA and that he cant just go and move. Trevor is bummed and heartbroken but he finally takes the decision to stay back in LA and says to Trevor that if they are meant to be together, then they will.

My favorite is Jake. His one liner insults are great. He represents a typical NY chelsea 20 something boy. Talks and scenes between Ephram and Trevor are also very real and they bring a smile on my face. Overall the film is ok but its the chemistry between the 2 characters and their reaction on the way while their relationship is growing made me like the film even more.

I am glad I am watching some good films. (7/10)

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