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Monday, July 6, 2009

Das Trio (German) [The Trio]

Now this one truly for me was a different film. A different set of characters, different chemistry among them and focussing on a completely new story. It was nice to watch it. Not that it is a path breaking cinema or anything but I like fact that the director tried to do something new. At least from my perspective.

Zobel and Karl are a long time gay coouple with their daughter Lizzie. The form a trio of pick pocketers who steal from rich to live. As the despondent Karl grows more insecure, dissatisfied and absent-minded, the possibility of a new partner is bandied about by father and daughter. An unfortunate accident of Karl leaves no choice for the other two but put their faith on a young man named Rudolf who once tried to steal from them. Rudolf is also a very sexy, shambling young upstart who is only too willing to gratify the father/daughter team in whatever ways it takes to become part of the scheme team. Rudolf has affair with Lizzie and at the same time he is also sexual with Zobel. When the truth is out Lizzie walks away and Rudolf follows him. They try to lead a simple life working but thats not good for them. Meanwhile Zobel is living under guilt of sleeping with the man whom his daughter liked. Lizzie and Rudolf come back and talk about forming a team with the condition that money will be split equally. Clearly tables have turned now and Zobel is no longer the boss. Ultimately they continue their life robbing. The movie ends with Rudolf walking with Lizzie while his other hand playing with Zobel's hand.

The film is simple, funny and warm. The story line is sweet and the ending is darling. The acting by all lead characters is decent. It is not a sleaze film. There is actually an intelligent plot abetted by four supremely professional actors who make it all worthwhile.

Worth a watch. (6/10)

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