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Monday, July 27, 2009

Dare (Short Film)

This is a short and sweet film which has a great potential of being made into a feature length film. Ben is smitten by college jock Johnny. During one of the rehearsals, Ben offers to help Johnny to remember his lines. The rehearsal takes place poolside at Johnny's home - with refreshments courtesy of abandoned champagne from a recent party of his parents'. As they drink, run lines and chat their relationship develops and they share one secret with each other. Ben never having kissed anyone and Johnny never having been blown. Ben dares him and blows him but suddenly the other friends come. Johnny freaks out and gets out of the pool but in the end just gives a smile to Ben (indicating he loved what just happened) and thats it.

Simple short stuff with good looking boys can definitely do wonders for this one. Acting was good and even though it was a short film, there was no compromise on the quality of the product. (7.5/10)


Jon said...

I love this one. Sad that we were not treated to 'what happened next?'

Golu said...

I know that would have been interesting to know. There is a potential for a full fledged feature film on this one

jayzee said...

it is just part of the whole film. I have watched the whole film via torrent download.

Golu said...

This was first made as short film and when it was successful, the makers decided to extend the story and make it into full length feature. You will find that I have reviewed both short film and regular feature as well :)