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Monday, June 15, 2009

Were The World Mine

Finally a funny and a very interesting film. When I found out that the film was sort f musical, I had my reservations, but they turned out to be totally wrong. The music was just perfect amount and it represented a state of mind or action and gelled perfectly well with the mood of the film. More on that later.

Timothy is an openly gay student who is picked upon by everyone in the school Rugby team. As part of annual drama festival, all students are made to mandatorily participate in the Shakespeare's Midnight's Summer Dream play. The drama teacher is this mysterious lady whom we dont know anything about. The play has a fairy named Puck can sprinkle a magic elixir into someone's eyes, causing that person to fall madly in love with the first person they lay eyes on. When Timothy is practicing for the play, he somehow tries to understand a very deep meaning of the Shakespearean English and manages to make such a elixir. He accidentally tries it on his straight friend who immediately falls in love with him. He then puts to on all the play members which ends up in Jonathan (the hottest player) falling for Timothy. The fun goes on and on when he sprinkles it n various people in the town. Other who are normal can't figure out what's going on and are very confused. Finally when they witness the play in action, things become clear. The effect of the elixir wears off but people realize that how important is love and in the end Jonathan also realizes that he truly loves Timothy.

The film had so many funny moments without even trying to be funny. It had songs which carried the story forward. I loved it. The picturization, cinematography everything was beautiful. And hey I am not complaining about all the eye candy you get watching all rugby team boys. Both lead men were hot and acted pretty well. One thing you have to do is not try and analyze the film. You have to watch it while believing in everything that is going on and you are bound to enjoy the film

Its hard to explain why this film is so cool. You have to watch it and experience it and I hope you will like it. (7.5/10)


Anonymous said...

I was looking for more with this one. I was thinking Mamma Mia type musical and its not that at all. I dont think the movie was bad by no means. I think it being labled as a musical hurt this one for me because I was going into it looking for I guess an episode of "Glee" LOL I came out with the moive I already own "Camp" again not saying I dislike it just felt it was wrongly labled.

Golu said...

Interesting!! By the way, can you believe that I have never seen GLEE :)