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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Relax... It's Just Sex!

Relax!! Its not a movie about graphic sex. It may start with that but the movie has much more to it. It has comedy, satire, issues, friendship and yes, a tear here and there. Overall it s a very good movie to watch.

The movie is around a group of friends headed by Tara (whom everyone knows as gossip monger or local newspaper if you may). She is Vincey's fag hag who is single and is desperately looking for love and thinks that the next man whom he hooks up with is going to be his boyfriend. Sarina and Megan are lesbian couple who separate after Megan has a straight encounter with Sarina's second cousin. Sarina then movies in with another butch lesbian who always had hots for her and she thinks that her love will rekindle. Tara' boyfriend Gus is also apart of this group and is completely comfortable with everything. His brother Javi has just found out he is HIV positive. His friends are all supportive of it and he moves in with his new lover. Oh! then we also have this perfect gay couple who are always happy in harmony that it disturbs people how can they be so perfect and always happy. The movie with all parallel stories. Tara is trying to have a baby with Gus who desperately wants to go and explore world and re invent himself. She gets pregnant but Gus by then has left. The butch lesbian is desperately seeking Sarina's love who ultimately recognizes her sincerity and loves her back. Javi is struggling with his lover and his positive status. Vincey is gay bashed once and since his friends can't stop talking about it, he goes into reclusion and channels his energy in writing and becomes successful writer. He visits back months later when Tara loses her baby into her seventh month and this incident brings all the friends back together.

The soul of the film is Tara who's one liner 'I am going o tell you but you have to swear you are not going to tell anyone' is hilarious because everyone nows about it. Every issue in the film has been brilliantly handled whether it is bashing, friendship, miscarriage etc. All the characters have done pretty good job in the film.

I loved it. I can see myself watching the fim again at some other point. (7.5/10)

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