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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nous étions un seul homme (French) [We Were One Man]

Sometimes there are very good intentions behind making a certain film, people do a good job of acting, the premise is good but even then the end product leaves out that something extra special that could have alleviated the films ranking to a better status. This film can be counted as one of those films. Everything going for the film is good, different and humane but there is something about he way it is handled that leaves us asking for more.

Time is World War 2. A frenchman Guy lives all by himself in woods and has a very vague history. He says he has been raised by cows. He has a girlfriend Jenine but for the larger part of it, he is very weird, his activities are weird and involve him and only him. He one day finds a wounded German soldier Rolf, whom he takes home and nurses. Rolf recovers, but Guy won't let him leave, trailing him, grabbing him, challenging him to feats of strength. Rolf stays, and a friendship develops between them. Guy tells Jenine about Rolf, but they must keep him hidden or risk punishment as collaborators. Guy and Rolf become very good friends You see how the bond develops between them when they do various stupid things together in the woods. You feel though that Rolf feels something more than just a friendship for Guy but clearly Guy has a girlfriend. But we also see how possessive Guy is about Rolf and he cannot bear the fact that Rolf gives more attention to the do than Guy and so he kills the dog. Essentially it is weird. At one point, the friendship does take a sexual turn which is witnessed by Jenine but she is very cool with it because she loves Guy and knows that Rolf makes him happy. Ultimately tragedy takes over when Rolf is found out and he has to leave and Guy cannot do anything about it.

It is a twisted, brave film that looks at a man-man relationship through new eyes. Guy acted very well showing all nuisances of weirdness in its behavior. The parts of the film were slow and confusing but they were necessary to how the male bonding. It is definitely not a typical watch. Its gruesome, earthy, sometimes sadistic too.

I thought it was ok. You might like it or simply hate it. (5/10)

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