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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Think I Do

Its finally so good to see a few likable gay movies. I had been thirsty to watch them after a series of really bad films. This one is exactly what I look forward from a film. A little bit of love, comedy, romance and madness and this film fit the bill perfectly.

Six university housemates are brought together after a gap of few years for a wedding. Bob and Brendan have been best of buddies. Bob had huge crush on Brendan which a few girlfriends knew. Bob now has a soap opera star Sterling as a boyfriend who is visiting with him. Sterling likes the idea of wedding, getting settled and theme parties. Brendan is now a teacher in Boston who has come out to their friend Eric but no one else. Sara, who had crush on Brendan is hoping to unite back with him and get laid. Brendan is not sure how he feels about Bob now. Meanwhile, the bride Carol is totally not bothered by her wedding. Her mom is doing al the planning. She is so carefree that she invites all the friends for a after party in their wedding suite. Brandon and Bob who still still have a spark left end up sleeping together in both ways. Ultimately after a series of funny incidents, everyone finds out about this. Sterling forgives Bob and they try to work it out but the passion between Bob and Brendan is very strong. Viewer is ket in suspense till end as to who will end up being with whom but of course in the end its Brendan and Bob. The last scene in the train is so cute.

There are many things about this movie that work. Everyone is very natural in their acting. The bond of friendship is very evident and out there. It makes you wish you had such a group of friends who really dont care who is gay who is straight. Brendan was really cute. Bob acted his part of confusion between the 2 men very well. All other supporting friends were also very good.

I can see myself watching this movie again and again over a period of time. (7/10)


Paul Delgadillo said...

One of the greatest trivia questions about this film is that the woman who plays Aunt Alice is none other than Marni Nixon, the woman who sang for Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, Deborah Kerr in The King and I and Natalie Wood in West Side Story.

Golu said...

I had no clue. Thanks for interesting piece of trivia