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Monday, June 15, 2009

Gay In Amsterdam (Dutch)

A catchy title and a decent looking starcast. Its been awhile since I watched a foreign language film and that why I picked up this one having no faintest idea what it was about. It was different, weird, over the top at times. In short bad

Max and Pascal are a couple living together in Amsterdam. Max is a successful TV producer and Pascal is a soap star and a wannabe Hollywood Actor. Apparently Max had once cheated on Pascal but they are still living together trying to work it out. Enters an American named Guy who is publishing a book on gays and their relationship is again tested. Max and Guy are very attracted to each other and on Max's and Pascals 3 year anniversary, they end up kissing and making out. Pascal freaks out and asks Max to leave. Later Max realizes that guy is just a random guy who all he wants is sex and fun and nothing else. Max realizes his fault and goes back to Pascal.

His film is as predictable and cliched as it can get. Pascal hag fag hag who helps in. Max is a little suffocated by continuous affection and i love you from Pascal. He needs his breathing space which he doesn't get. Oh! and then there is side story of this homeless guy whom Max's production company is filming trying to turn his life. Now that whole thing had nothing to do with the film. But it was just there.

A terrible boring film with very very few moments. (3/10)

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