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Monday, May 4, 2009

Slutty Summer

This was an entertaining film that had laughs and a predictably happy ending. Yes, the characters are stereotypes, but at the same time, the guys are all real people. I know people exactly like these men, and I could see myself in various aspects of these characters.

Hunky writer Markus returns home to find his boyfriend of four years naked with another man. Newly single, he begins waiting tables at a swinging Chelsea hotspot after being recommended by fag hag and friend Marilyn where his co-workers offer conflicting directions on the off-road map to love and lust in New York City. Luke is the smart-talking queen, who recommends his own promiscuous lifestyle as a model for Markus to get over Julian. Tyler, from Europe is a model who wants no part of relationships. Peter, an actor, is a serious young man who is holding out for Mr. Right, who just doesn't seem to be around. The guys talk about everything that gay men in their 20 talk of. One day Markus ends up hooking with Tyler and slowly they start enjoying sex once in a while. Markus likes the company but he knows Tyler is not ready for relationship. But slowly Tyler starts to have feelings for him which he is afraid of. And when he talks to Markus about it, he rejects saying e i enjoying his single free status. Meanwhile Luke continues his whoring around while Peter is still looking for that one man because he cannot share his body with just anyone. Finally the summer is over. Peter has met a man and Tyler is moving back to Europe. He wants to meet one last time to Markus. Peter tells Markus that he should give Tyler a chance because you never know when the right man comes. Just be in the moment. Markus finally leaves with Tyler for Europe.

All the guys were very hot in the film. Acting wise, except Markus, I think others were much better. As a young gay man, I could easily identify with the movie at various levels. The movie might have low budget and low production but it still satisfies you on the entertainment quotient.

You wont b bored. Its silly but fun. (6/10)


Anonymous said...

After watching so much sad stuff it was time for something up lifting this movie was perfect sure everyone was focused on the sex but for me this film hit on something. I cant say I was really cheated on but I know how it feels to long for an exbf the almost instant willing to take them back and forgive them for anything they might have done. Still the film was very funny I thought Marcus might end up being with the darkhaired boy who does the net postings but the ending left me happy! So take it from me grab your man by his strong hands rush out and get this movie and you will be sharing lots more than a bowl of pop corn!

Golu said...

very rightly said