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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Place Between Our Bodies (Short Film)

Sometimes there are films which you end up watching because there is something in the description that make you watch it but ultimately it turns out to be a total disaster. What you watch on screen is no where close to what you read in the synopsis.

A duration of 33 minutes, its a rough film, experimental student sort of thing from 1975. The filmaker explores the nature of sexual obsession using real rough footage cruising some for men who meet his type, whom he becomes obsessed with, has sex with, then moves on to a new stranger to be obsessed with. This is interspersed with footage from vintage gay porn. Then he meets the first boy he has an actual relationship with, and the second half of the film is home footage of his (real life) boyfriend as they live and play together, and ultimately make love. A extended real love making session between the two is filmed, quite graphically (this would be considered real porn by most), and the narrator comes to realize that his sexual obsession is no longer with a type, but with a specific boy. It becomes about love rather than just sex.

The film was rainy, boring and would not even get you horny. Bad. (1/10)

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