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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kenedi se zeni (Serbia) [Kenedi Is Getting Married]

Watching this film was pain, almost like torture. Made in a documentary style, the acting was bad, story-line poor and direction was bad (of course all this is my personal opinion). My precious hour and a half completely wasted which will never come back.

Kenedi is in a huge debt after building a house for his family. He finds himself searching for any kind of work to support himself, for as little as 10 EUR per day, a scarce amount to help him relief his debt. Ultimately, Kenedi decides to look for money in sex business. Initially offering his services to older ladies and widows, he expands his 'business' to offer sex to wealthy men. When he finds out about new liberal European laws on gay marriages, Kenedi sees prospects in looking for a "marriage material", to renew his search for a legal status in EU. The opportunity arises during EXIT Music Festival, when he meets Max, a guy from Munich. But Kenedi cannot change his flirtatious behaviour and still has sex with women and men. Both the woman and the man leave him and he goes on a spiritual journey.

I dont feel like writing anything more on this film. It was just bad. Please don't waste your time. (1/10)

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