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Friday, May 1, 2009

Hush! (Japanese)

Sometimes you have no idea what to expect in a movie and they completely surprise you. For some reason I had been avoiding to watch this movie for various reasons but it was time to do so now. And I must admit that it was pretty decent flick considering the fact that the actors didn't have that dumb look on their face which thy usually have.

Naoya and Katsuhiro have a very unlikely gay relationship. Naoya is not out because of his work and is very recluse kind of person. On the other hand Katsuhiro is childlike, very open about who he is and enjoys life. What brings them both together is loneliness and they like each other. Then there is this girl Asako who has a totally fucked up life with drugs, sex and two abortions. On day she decides that one thing that can give meaning to her life is a baby. She sees Naoya in his laboratory and bluntly asks him to be her sperm donor. He wants time to think over it. Katsuhiro is not too comfortable with the idea but agrees to think as well. The three of them hang out together more often and start sharing an unexplainable bond. In all this is a girl at Naoya's office who likes him to the level of obsession. Ups and downs happen in their relationships but Naoya and Katsuhiro stand by each other in difficult times and ultimately Naoya agrees to donate sperm for Asako.

The story is simple but has been directed and dealt with utmost sincerity. It could have been a story of any regular couple with a girl obsessing over the husband and another girl wanting to have baby with him. The relationship between the 2 lead characters creates a sensitive, credible portrait of an attachment in which the personality differences that draw a couple together are also a source of continuous low-level friction. Its clear they love each other. Katsuhiro doesn't like the fact that Naoya would not say no to anyone and keeps everything hanging in the air thereby raising people's expectations but thats just his personality.

I liked the movie very much. Could have ben a little edgier and tight specially towards end. (6.5/10)

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