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Thursday, May 21, 2009

He Likes Guys (Short Films)

Another collection of 8 short english films from various film festival circuits.

"Steam" : A super buff party boy gets all steamed up.

"Silver Road" : At the end of an idyllic summer on the farm, Danny finally acts on his desire for his best friend, Mark? What happens next.

"Traces" : Julian dies in a car accident and thats when his father realizes that he was gay and was living in the same city with his boyfriend. Sometimes parental love can trump homophobia; and sometimes the truth comes out too late.

"Just" : Two buff Asian guys (one 23, one 32) have relatively anonymous hot sex after meeting online. The younger man is offended when he finds out that the older one is cheating on his boyfriend. A very well written and beautifully shot short about the ideals of monogamy.

"Laundromat" : 2 guys have just moved in and are having a hard time living together after being boyfriends for 2 years. A chance encounter with an elderly man who lost his partner teach them the value of trying and living each day at a time.

"Seeing You in Circles" : On the night of his 30th birthday Jerome asks his ex-boyfriend Wade to meet him. The insensitive Wade brings along his latest squeeze Cal. This drama is of grown up gay men learning to, well, grow up.

"Waiting for Yvette" : Humorous yet poignant meeting of the Gay Men’s Tuesday Night A.A. Scheduled for her final gender reassignment surgery, will this be Yvette’s last meeting? Or not.

"Babysitting Andy" : The best story of the entire collection. What do you do if you’re 9 years old and nobody will tell you what “fellatio” means? If you’re as devious as Andy, you corner your gay uncle and his boyfriend with a Supersoaker and demand answers. Funny

As is the case with short movies, some are good and others are bad. The god part is that you have have to sit through for more han an hour for the bad films to finish. A decent watch. (5/10)

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