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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Apo tin akri tis polis (Greek/Russian) [From the Edge of the City]

This month has been really bad for me as far gay movies are concerned. I dont remember watching any decent film in a while. And now I am adding one more to that list of films. This film is about Russians who migrated to Greece after the demise of USSR. The parents speak mostly Greek, but the teenage children speak a hybrid Russian-Greek language which reflects their lack of identity and marginalization in Greece.

The focal person of the film is Sasha who refers to himself as Rosa Ponds in interview. A beautiful young man with many conflicts he seems to be seeking his identity. He and his friends move from drugs to petty crime to criminal involvement with prostitution (of both gay and straight forms). The boys become involved as both victims and perpetrators of abusive behavior, yet there is something in the nature of Sasha that makes us hope his life will even out. The world he and his gang try to conquer "from the edge of the city" soon hits back mercilessly, and their lives crumble, taking along their dreams and ties of camaraderie.

The only good thing was the good looking Sasha. Thats it. The film started off well promising some good things but after a while it was just boring with some random events in the boys life with no direction or anything. It was boring (2.5/10)

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