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Thursday, May 14, 2009

50 Ways of Saying Fabulous (New Zealand)

A coming of age drama (not another one!) of a 12 year old rowing up boy Billy is the main part of this story. They tred to mix the characters with science fiction was pretty cool but apart from that they have tried to show what kids go through growing up specially n a farm area.

Billy's slight weight problem, his flamboyant personality, and his fondness for costume play has made him a target for bullies at his one-room school, and his only friend is Lou, his tomboy cousin who prefers to play football with the boys and is dreading the onset of adolescence. Instead, he prefers to dream about an imaginary life in outer space. As Billy resigns himself to his status as an outcast, he's assigned a new deskmate -- a new arrival in town named Roy. Roy is a few years older than Billy, and takes an immediate liking to him; however, while Billy is a bit fuzzy about the practicalities of being gay, Roy seems to have a good bit of practical knowledge of the subject and seems keen on pursuing a physical relationship with his new pal. As Billy is torn between happiness at having a new friend and confusion about Roy's level of interest in him, he discovers Roy is also attracted to Jamie, who has just hired on to work at the farm owned by Billy's dad.

"Fabulous" dares to be inclusive with both gender and sexuality issues, recreating the secret world in which kids balancing on the edge of growing up live in. This is a well done period piece featuring three of the most convincing performances by kids. The film is named so because at one point they are describing the traits have gays have and it includes that hey have 50 different ways of saying fabulous.

It was just ok. I did not think too much. (4/10)

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