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Monday, April 27, 2009

Sideline Secrets

Didn't realize until half way that I had seen the film before. It must have been a long time plus now it gives me an opportunity to blog about it. The film sounds interesting, low budget and god. But son you realize that its nothing like it.

Devon by all appearances is a successful kid with a kind girlfriend Jenna but he has an eye for boys. On a visit to a gay bar, he meets Brian who has been down the same path and can offer Devon assistance on every level. They bond, Devon comes out and they start a relationship. During all this time, the neighborhood boys have been disappearing. Devon's stepfather psychologist Dr. Kirk Tyler is not at all what he appears to be. He asks Devon to leave home after he finds out that he is gayand because of his new relationship. It seems Dr Tyler is in a dark business with Detective Cunningham who apparently is investigating the missing boys. Devon with the help of Jenna and her cousin Amy soon finds out the real deal of how his step father has ben videotaping boys in nude and then blackmailing them. Brian somehow managed to escape from that and Devon finds out this after he watches the tapes. He also finds out that his father had been secretly filming him as well. In a dramatic scene in the end, the detective gets greedy and tries to kill Dr. Kirk who ends up shooting detective before he dies and all things are fine now.

I was very disappointed by the film. There were so many nude scenes and they were nothing esthetic. They were there just for pure eotic reasons. The cast was ok with decent acting. Maybe with some tighter screenplay and better character actors who did not act like zombies, the film would have been better.

Can be avoided. See it only if you are desperate. (4/10)

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