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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lola + Bilidikid (German/Turkish) [Lola and Billy the Kid]

This amazing film takes on huge cultural issues and taboos that neither the Germans or their Turkish "guests" really want to face. Add to this setting the fact that the film deals with the taboos of gay life, transgender and transvestite men, and the stresses of families who deal with these issues on a daily basis and the result is a film full of richly detailed stories.

Lola, a Turkish drag queen has a lover Bili, a macho, closeted Turk who views his role as the Man and Lola as the woman and encourages Lola to have gender altering surgery so they can live as husband and wife back in Turkey. Murat is Lola's baby brother, also gay, living with his mother and older brother, Osman who disowned Lola for being gay. Murat was born after Lola left home. After 15 years Lola returns home to demand his inheritance share to proceed with his sex change and finds out about Murat. They reunite because Murat is tired of Osman. Lola and Murat plan to meet the next day but 2 days later Lola's body is found. Ultimately a deep secrt is revealed that Osman would sexually abuse Lola before he eventually threw her out of house and it is he who eventually murdered her. This is the main story of the film. Other side stories include a fascinating relationship between another Turk Iskender who is picked up by an older elegant German Friedrich. And there is the gay bashing drama between young German lads and the Turks.

Amazing acting by everyone in the film. It was so real and you could feel for the characters. Is is heartbreaking to see what some people have to go through in life. Raw emotion has rarely been portrayed so effectively on screen. Brilliant direction too.

Worth a watch. Its real and gruesome. (7/10)

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