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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Head On (Greek/English - Australia)

This film is about a greek family living in Australia. It was interesting to watch because it shows you life from the perspective of Greeks who migrated to Australia and how they cope up with everything including family values.

19 year old Greek Ari is frustrated with his life. He confronts his parents who like the control their kids life but that's because they were once political activists and they had a hard life to live. Ari has secret homosexual desires which lead him to many odd sexual encounters which he is not proud of. SInce he does not have a job (not that he is looking for one), he gets into drugs, random sexual encounters. His sole attempt to seduce his friend' sister fails. He meets Shaun, a room mate f his brother. There is instant attraction but they both do nothing about it. The film walks us through various Greek families in his life and the affect it has on him and people around him. They include his father' friend who has a transsexual son who is conformable with who he is but the father is not. There is also a family who's son is getting engaged to a rich fat girl only for maybe money. The guy is Ari's friend but Ari doesn't understand why he is doing this. In all these frustrations Ari picks random men to let off his frustration. He is afraid to be loved or to love. Finally when Shaun and him have a moment together, ARi becomes aggressive which pisses off Shaun and he throws Ari out of his house. He cries, says sorry but ultimately moves on with the same frustration, aimlessness and picking random men.

Ari's character had so many shads and so much potential as an actor and the guy playing the role did a fantastic job of it. The intensity in his eyes was amazing. Sometimes the film would get confusing because of a plethora of characters and it was not clear who they are. The film is real, brutal and people who might have one through such a phase in life might be able to connect to it.

I thought it was very well made. (6/10)

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