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Monday, April 27, 2009

Darker Secrets - Sideline Secrets 2

If you thought Sidelines Secrets was bad, wait till to watch this sequel. This is an idea of a producer/ director's whimsical fantasies and the fact that they live in their own world. This film was nothing but a soft porn film.

Peter has been appointed to go through the video tape that Dr. Kirk used to make to help in some investigation. His roommate is Todd, a straight guy whom Peter has hots for. Peter feels disgusted watching those tapes but soon becomes captivated by the tapes, and sets out to satisfy his dark desires. He films Todd having sex with a girl and blackmails him into having sex with him. Afterwards, he makes one of his girlfriends into having sex with random guys, make money and live his dar desires.

Believe me, thats all there is to this film. Most of the time, we are forced to watch the sex between the guys on the tapes that Peter is watching. Every scene in the movie was just an excuse to get boys naked and create a sensation or something. There was nothing in terms of acting, story or anything at all.

Don't watch it. BAD film. Period. (0.5/10)

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