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Monday, March 16, 2009

Patrik 1,5 (Swedish) [Patrik Age 1.5]

After a long time, I actually got choked up while watching a movie. This necessarily might not be because of the content of the movie but also because of the fact that how difficult it is for gay couples to adopt and raise a kid and how people perceive them in general in society. Also what the teenage Patrik goes through in his life after having lost all near and dear ones, just makes you want to cry

This is the story of a gay couple living in white picket fence suburban neighborhood run by a homeowners association and populated by an all straight community. Goran and Sven are a married gay couple and now after moving in their suburban house want to adopt and raise an infant child to round out their marriage and live as a family. They have been put on a long waiting list to find a child they can raise from a baby and finally one becomes available. Or so it seems. A typing error that should have read Patrik, age 15 has been mistyped by the social service agency as Patrik 1,5. Believing they are about to bring into their lives an year and half old infant they are shocked to discover their baby is actually 15 years old, homophobic and with a history of delinquency and violence. Sven was once in a straight relationship and has an ex wife and a teenage daughter. He is hesitant of raising any child again let alone a ready-made troubled teenager. Goran wants a baby desperately but can see the good and discovers he can help bring out the good in Patrik. This brings tension between the couple's life. Goran asks Sven to move out because he starts acting weird. Only later we find out that he is actually cheating on Goran with another man. Meanwhile not wanting to send Patrik back to some institution house, he lets Patrik stay with him and the boy and Sven start a wonderful friendly, father-son relationship. Patrik starts to take jobs as gardener and makes some money. Slowly Patrik also gets over his homophobia. Ultimately the social service finds a nice family for Patrik, with whom he tries to live but ultimately he decides he wants to live with Goran and Sven.

Everyone was brilliant in the film. Goran's emotions of so desperately wanting to father a child were exceptional. Patrik was great too. His loneliness was so well shown in the film, it was unbelievable. It was emotional and a very very touching story. I dont care what other people say but for me this movie was special.

Please watch it. (8/10)


Pitbullshark said...

Oh wow yes, I really loved this one! The boy in this was so appealing and my heart really went out to him and I would have been happy to adopt him, myself! I really got into it and sitting there in the audience, I was PETRIFIED that it wouldn't turn out the way it, fortunately, did.

Golu said...

Yes. I have very fond memories of this film. I have been wanting to watch this film again for a while , just haven't gotten around it yet