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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dream Boy

Sometimes movies start with a promise and then half way loose the steam. By the time it ends , you ask yourself WTF? This film was a classic case of this situation. What could have been another teen coming out story beautifully done turned out to be a mish-mash of romance, horror, coming out etc.

New boy in town Nathan can't take his eyes off blond, long-haired, obviously sensitive farm hunk Roy, who lives next door and drives the school bus when not in class. Roy doesn't mind Nathan's furtive glances, and the two hit it off when Nathan offers to help with Roy's homework. Brushed hands over algebra quickly leads to sex. Though Nathan can't believe his luck, tensions at home are threatening to derail his new happiness. Soon the reasons for his ultra-shy, awkward look are clear. His father has a history of sexually abusing his son. Trying to save himself from his father, he stays in woods and ROy helps him out in this situation without asking what is wrong with him. As one of the cool kids, Roy hangs with a couple of jock types buddies fairly reeking with homophobia. The three decide to take an overnight camping trip, to which Roy brings an uncomfortable Nathan. Roy tells some ghost stories and before we realize whats going on, we see Nathan being raped and killed by one of the jocks in the supposedly haunted house. A funeral takes place and Nathan (or his ghost) returns and unite with Roy.

As you must have realizes the quick ending did not make any sense. It was so hastily done and the screenplay was completely changed towards the end. The first half an hour was emotional and nice but thats that. The acting of lead characters was ok. I liked the place where the film was shot in woods etc.

This film can be avoided easily. (3.5/10)

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Golu said...

Saw this film again for a second time today. I feel that I may have been a bit harsh on the film in my original review. In hindsight, I would give it a 4.5 and watchable once. The film is slow for sure and it takes patience. But the love between two young boys in a remote setting does make for an interesting watch. Only if the screenplay didn't go in weird direction.