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Friday, March 6, 2009

Ciel sur la tête, Le (French) [Times Have Been Better]

If you are a movie fanatic, by now probably you also must have seen or at least heard of various coming out movies and the person deals with it. But this one talks more from parents perspective and not the relationship of theirs with their son. This movie focusses more on what happens to the relationship between father and mother because of this and other reasons from the past.

Jeremy is the business executive son of Guy and Rosine and elder brother to Robin. When he pays a surprise visit to his family, everything is fine until just before he leaves, he tells his family that he is gay and is living with his boyfriend Marc in Paris. Though Robin had known this, it comes as a shocker to the parents. This incident brings out the insecurities inside them. Rosine has a gay colleague who literally is a bitchy old queen. Guy doesn't know whether to talk to his friends about it or not because he fears of being ridiculed. Rosine wants Guy to talk to her or at least someone because she feels that his behavior is changing every single minute. Meanwhile he blames Rosine for all this. Robin in the meantime is struggling of finding his own happiness and what to do in life. Things get worse after the parents meet Marc. Although he is nice sophisticated, Guy just cannot digest that his son is gay. When Rosine cannot take Guy's behavior any more, she leaves and goes to live with her gay colleague who takes her to Paris so that she can unwind. The same night Robin leaves home because he has got a a job in film production and he wants to try to do something he loves rather tan going to college. Freaked out by disappearance of his wife and son, he calls Jeremy who ultimately visits his dad and makes him talk to him. Its uncomfortable but required. He also talks to Rosine and sees that his parents have been basically unhappy even before all his happened. He leaves back for Paris and Rosine and Guy hold hands giving viewers the impression that they will work out between them.

Made for French TV, this is very real, open and frank portrayal of what some individuals go through. Excellent performance by everyone, its hard to believe its not a big screen movie. I liked the fact that they focussed more on what happens to family rather than person who comes out because he is in a better condition considering he is living happily with his boyfriend.

Highly recommended for people having troubles with their family. (7/10)

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