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Thursday, March 5, 2009

After Sex

Sometimes zero expectations from a movie are the best way to go for it. Although this one is not a gay film but a couple of stories are based on gay couples so it definitely makes it worthwhile to review it. This film is a humorous, yet honest look at the complexity of modern day relationships using several couples from all walks of life having troubled conversations after having sex. You can actually say its a collection of short stories too.

The different couples are from different background. Couple 1 is about friends with benefit. How they maybe falling in love but neither wants to admit for they think they are not for marriage. Couple 2 is about these 2 gay guys. The first timer boy is not sure why he did it and the other guy makes him feel that its right to do what you feel. Sometimes you have to be what you are and not what people want you to be. Couple 3 is about a teenage love where both boy and girl have just lost their virginity and how the mother of the girl walks in. Funny. Couple 4 is a lesbian couple where this full of mouth bitchy girl supposedly straight likes getting licked by her lesbian room mate and their chemistry works. Couple 5 is his elderly couple who after finishing hot sex talk about their younger days when everything was ok. Even partner swapping. They wonder what kids would think now. Couple 6 is another ay couple, very butch men who like to be with each other and know they are gay. They want to defy the stereotype where one of the partners is supposed to be passive. They are both happy being the butch. Couple 7 is ex lovers. The man agrees that he is a womanizer and thats why he is there but the girl fails to explain why she is there since she always keeps talking of being faithful and monogamy and that was the reason of their break up in the first place. Couple 8 is about this one night stand between a Spanish guy and a girl (who acts to be an escort) who meet in a bar and the conversation that follows.

All the stories were very short and good. Sometimes you wanted more.You can identify at some level with each of them gay or straight. My favorite is the last one with the Spanish guy. It is hilarious. In fact each story is god. Even the most boring story is interesting. Some great individual moments. Brilliant acting by everyone.

Highly recommended since you can break into intervals of eight episodes. (7.5/10)

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