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Monday, March 30, 2009

Bangkok Love Story (Thai)

The name gives the impression of a usual gay love story but this one is different. Unlike most happy endings this one actually has a tragic ending and you feel for the men. Two completely different people meeting and falling for each other from different parts of society makes it an interesting watch.

Maek, an assassin by profession kills 'bad people' to satisfy his bosses but cannot kill 'good people'. He is the sole support of his mother and younger brother, both of whom suffer from AIDS. The source of their infection is the abusive live-in stepfather. Maek is assigned a 'hit' and in stalking the young lawyer he is supposed to assassinate he finds an attraction to the obviously good, married, handsome Iht. When the moment comes to complete his grim duty, Maek finds out that Iht is not actually a bad guy and refuses to kill him. When his boss tries to shoot Iht, he takes the shot on himself to save Iht. Iht is compassionate and rescues Maek from the streets, taking him to his shelter to nurse him back to health. The two men bond and eventually submit to their passion. Yet when Maek recovers, he cannot face the truth of his feelings and separates himself from Iht. Iht's wife is suspicious about Iht's distance, stalks him, and witnesses a secret moment of passion between Maek and Iht, and the discovery turns her into a potential assassin herself. Iht is now by himself, unable to regain Maek's commitment until a series of events leads to the ultimate arrest of Maek: from the imposed separation caused by Maek's incarceration, Iht remains faithful to his love. And waits almost 20 years for Maek to come out of prison and in the interim taking care of his younger brother. But destiny awaits something else. Maek comes out of jail and the two men think they can finally b together but Maek is shot and killed laving Iht alone as always.

The lead characters acted very good. The only part that bothered me was that it was dark. The cinematography could have ben better but it was a big let down in that deptt. It was at times way too slow for me but I guess the director wanted to press upon the the situation of the characters that they are in. Otherwise the film does manage to strike a chord with the audience.

Could have been handled with more emotions and less artistic. (5.5/10)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dream Boy

Sometimes movies start with a promise and then half way loose the steam. By the time it ends , you ask yourself WTF? This film was a classic case of this situation. What could have been another teen coming out story beautifully done turned out to be a mish-mash of romance, horror, coming out etc.

New boy in town Nathan can't take his eyes off blond, long-haired, obviously sensitive farm hunk Roy, who lives next door and drives the school bus when not in class. Roy doesn't mind Nathan's furtive glances, and the two hit it off when Nathan offers to help with Roy's homework. Brushed hands over algebra quickly leads to sex. Though Nathan can't believe his luck, tensions at home are threatening to derail his new happiness. Soon the reasons for his ultra-shy, awkward look are clear. His father has a history of sexually abusing his son. Trying to save himself from his father, he stays in woods and ROy helps him out in this situation without asking what is wrong with him. As one of the cool kids, Roy hangs with a couple of jock types buddies fairly reeking with homophobia. The three decide to take an overnight camping trip, to which Roy brings an uncomfortable Nathan. Roy tells some ghost stories and before we realize whats going on, we see Nathan being raped and killed by one of the jocks in the supposedly haunted house. A funeral takes place and Nathan (or his ghost) returns and unite with Roy.

As you must have realizes the quick ending did not make any sense. It was so hastily done and the screenplay was completely changed towards the end. The first half an hour was emotional and nice but thats that. The acting of lead characters was ok. I liked the place where the film was shot in woods etc.

This film can be avoided easily. (3.5/10)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Patrik 1,5 (Swedish) [Patrik Age 1.5]

After a long time, I actually got choked up while watching a movie. This necessarily might not be because of the content of the movie but also because of the fact that how difficult it is for gay couples to adopt and raise a kid and how people perceive them in general in society. Also what the teenage Patrik goes through in his life after having lost all near and dear ones, just makes you want to cry

This is the story of a gay couple living in white picket fence suburban neighborhood run by a homeowners association and populated by an all straight community. Goran and Sven are a married gay couple and now after moving in their suburban house want to adopt and raise an infant child to round out their marriage and live as a family. They have been put on a long waiting list to find a child they can raise from a baby and finally one becomes available. Or so it seems. A typing error that should have read Patrik, age 15 has been mistyped by the social service agency as Patrik 1,5. Believing they are about to bring into their lives an year and half old infant they are shocked to discover their baby is actually 15 years old, homophobic and with a history of delinquency and violence. Sven was once in a straight relationship and has an ex wife and a teenage daughter. He is hesitant of raising any child again let alone a ready-made troubled teenager. Goran wants a baby desperately but can see the good and discovers he can help bring out the good in Patrik. This brings tension between the couple's life. Goran asks Sven to move out because he starts acting weird. Only later we find out that he is actually cheating on Goran with another man. Meanwhile not wanting to send Patrik back to some institution house, he lets Patrik stay with him and the boy and Sven start a wonderful friendly, father-son relationship. Patrik starts to take jobs as gardener and makes some money. Slowly Patrik also gets over his homophobia. Ultimately the social service finds a nice family for Patrik, with whom he tries to live but ultimately he decides he wants to live with Goran and Sven.

Everyone was brilliant in the film. Goran's emotions of so desperately wanting to father a child were exceptional. Patrik was great too. His loneliness was so well shown in the film, it was unbelievable. It was emotional and a very very touching story. I dont care what other people say but for me this movie was special.

Please watch it. (8/10)

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ciel sur la tĂȘte, Le (French) [Times Have Been Better]

If you are a movie fanatic, by now probably you also must have seen or at least heard of various coming out movies and the person deals with it. But this one talks more from parents perspective and not the relationship of theirs with their son. This movie focusses more on what happens to the relationship between father and mother because of this and other reasons from the past.

Jeremy is the business executive son of Guy and Rosine and elder brother to Robin. When he pays a surprise visit to his family, everything is fine until just before he leaves, he tells his family that he is gay and is living with his boyfriend Marc in Paris. Though Robin had known this, it comes as a shocker to the parents. This incident brings out the insecurities inside them. Rosine has a gay colleague who literally is a bitchy old queen. Guy doesn't know whether to talk to his friends about it or not because he fears of being ridiculed. Rosine wants Guy to talk to her or at least someone because she feels that his behavior is changing every single minute. Meanwhile he blames Rosine for all this. Robin in the meantime is struggling of finding his own happiness and what to do in life. Things get worse after the parents meet Marc. Although he is nice sophisticated, Guy just cannot digest that his son is gay. When Rosine cannot take Guy's behavior any more, she leaves and goes to live with her gay colleague who takes her to Paris so that she can unwind. The same night Robin leaves home because he has got a a job in film production and he wants to try to do something he loves rather tan going to college. Freaked out by disappearance of his wife and son, he calls Jeremy who ultimately visits his dad and makes him talk to him. Its uncomfortable but required. He also talks to Rosine and sees that his parents have been basically unhappy even before all his happened. He leaves back for Paris and Rosine and Guy hold hands giving viewers the impression that they will work out between them.

Made for French TV, this is very real, open and frank portrayal of what some individuals go through. Excellent performance by everyone, its hard to believe its not a big screen movie. I liked the fact that they focussed more on what happens to family rather than person who comes out because he is in a better condition considering he is living happily with his boyfriend.

Highly recommended for people having troubles with their family. (7/10)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

After Sex

Sometimes zero expectations from a movie are the best way to go for it. Although this one is not a gay film but a couple of stories are based on gay couples so it definitely makes it worthwhile to review it. This film is a humorous, yet honest look at the complexity of modern day relationships using several couples from all walks of life having troubled conversations after having sex. You can actually say its a collection of short stories too.

The different couples are from different background. Couple 1 is about friends with benefit. How they maybe falling in love but neither wants to admit for they think they are not for marriage. Couple 2 is about these 2 gay guys. The first timer boy is not sure why he did it and the other guy makes him feel that its right to do what you feel. Sometimes you have to be what you are and not what people want you to be. Couple 3 is about a teenage love where both boy and girl have just lost their virginity and how the mother of the girl walks in. Funny. Couple 4 is a lesbian couple where this full of mouth bitchy girl supposedly straight likes getting licked by her lesbian room mate and their chemistry works. Couple 5 is his elderly couple who after finishing hot sex talk about their younger days when everything was ok. Even partner swapping. They wonder what kids would think now. Couple 6 is another ay couple, very butch men who like to be with each other and know they are gay. They want to defy the stereotype where one of the partners is supposed to be passive. They are both happy being the butch. Couple 7 is ex lovers. The man agrees that he is a womanizer and thats why he is there but the girl fails to explain why she is there since she always keeps talking of being faithful and monogamy and that was the reason of their break up in the first place. Couple 8 is about this one night stand between a Spanish guy and a girl (who acts to be an escort) who meet in a bar and the conversation that follows.

All the stories were very short and good. Sometimes you wanted more.You can identify at some level with each of them gay or straight. My favorite is the last one with the Spanish guy. It is hilarious. In fact each story is god. Even the most boring story is interesting. Some great individual moments. Brilliant acting by everyone.

Highly recommended since you can break into intervals of eight episodes. (7.5/10)