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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Männer wie wir (German) [Guys and Balls]

Wow!! Now thats what I call a fantastic film. There was not a single second where I was bored in the film. Considering the fact that it was completely non-streotypical gay film, it was a big risk, but man, this is funny as hell.

Ecky has always been football lover. He is the goalkeeper of his team and proud of his parents in a small town. When he is not paying ,he works with his father in the bakery. When his team-members find out that he is gay they throw him out of the team and made fun of. In a fit of anger, he challenges the team for a match 4 weeks later with gay team. He then moves to the Dortmund with his sister Sussane (who is supportive of him) and subsequently tries to form a full fledged gay football team.His journey through tough-guy town Dortmund is really, really funny! The group includes a trio of leather-clad bikers, a very feminine Turkish deli worker, an extremely masculine lesbian, a closet construction worker and a couple of Brazilian players. It also includes a nurse Sven, who ultimately falls for Ecky. There is also this straight guy who joins the team just so that he can be closer to Ecky's sister Susanne. With certain ups and downs they start practicing, losing hope and self confidence in between to finally coming back together with the help of coach. Finally the match happens. Ecky's parents finally give up and support their son. An exciting match happens which ultimately leads to the winning of gay team.

The film is so funny. I had a brilliant time. Form the very queeny Turk guy whose parents support him every time to the humor that comes with the biker trio and their stereotypical gay life style to the lesbian, everyone is in form. Sven's and Ecky's love story is minimal but effective. It also shows some emotions when one of the biker trip is shown to have a history and a son who after the match is proud of his dad.

I loved it. Must watch. Highly recommended (8.5/10)

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KJ said...

funny movie :D