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Friday, January 23, 2009

The Ski Trip

Sometimes when you watch a film, it helps to have almost zilch expectations with the movie. The acting could be not upto the mark and the budget can be low but at least you can see honest intentions behind making the film.

Corey has just turned 30. He has your average gay guy who is depressed over getting older, being out of shape and having just been dumped by his super hot boyfriend. So his friends decide to cheer him up by taking him on a fun filled weekend – Ski Trip. His friends include the over-the-top Drama Queen, Terry; His sexy, smart and sassy lesbian friend Nikki; bitchy boy toy Byron; sex crazy Carlos; and Omar, the sweet boy next door. Omar has always had a crush on Corey but somehow Corey misses it. Carlos, the bartender and wannabe DJ has slept with everyone in the group. Byron brings with him an escort Tyson (super hot) who has more to him than just looking hot and good. During the ski trip, lots of secrets are unveiled like Terry and Nikki having a bay and that Corey never had a boyfriend. It was all his imagination to have a hot boyfriend. LIke everything, in the end things are all fine where Corey and Omar are a couple. Tyson and Carlos are together and every one else is still friends and are happy even one year later.

It was a simple film, made on a modest budget but I quite liked it. There is nothing exceptional about it but it seems real with real people. Some over the top queens and others like Omar (who I must add had a beautiful smile) who are grounded and still believe in true love.

Watch it. It might bring a smile on your face. (6/10)

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