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Friday, January 30, 2009

Save Me

Now this one was definitely a different film. Whether it was good or bad is debatable and we will talk later about that but merging gay and religion together has not been done too often.

When Mark a regular sex and drug addict hit rock bottom (after having attempted suicide), his brother checks him into a christian retreat center in New Mexico. Its run by a couple Ted and Gayle. They have 6 another inmates who came there as homosexuals and with the love of Christ and dedication, they were trying to get over that. Mark starts to bond well with Scott in the center. Ted sees this as normal male healthy bonding (even the 2 men dont think anything about it) but Gayle is always uncomfortable with the closeness of the two men. The reason we find later is that Gayle had lost her 17 year old son who was gay. She sees her son in Mark and wants to cure him. Scott and Mark question about their relationship after Scott's father dies and tells him that Scott is going to hell. Scott is devastated and realizes that the only reason he was in center was for his father and now it would be for Mark. Mark reciprocates but he thinks religion is changing him as well. Scott decided that he cannot lie anymore . He is gay and he accepts it. Gayle asks him to leave the center. Mark refuses to go with him. One night when Mark's room mate tries to commit suicide is when Mark realizes that happiness can be between a man and a woman or between 2 men. Nowhere in Bible does Jesus say that homosexuality is a sin. Scott comes to meet everyone when he decided to leave the town. Thats when Mark decided that he really loves him and goes with him. Ted and Gayle continue with their journey of religious healing for homosexuals.

It was good to see Mark other than his Strachey persona. Scott as usual is hot. They made a good couple. The good thing about this movie was there was no unnecessary sex or nude scene. They tried to make the film as realistic and as commercial as possible for universal viewing. I Can see why some people might not like the film because of its slow pace and some religious preaching but I guess is about time we started exploring different themes within gay genre.

Its not a bad film. Just try to keep up with the slow pace. (6/10)

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this one. I dont own it but the dude I work with who borrowed Food of Love from me bought this one and allowed me to watch it. I wished we could force every Pastor in my state to have to watch this maybe with his family in the room with him. Forgive me I am bad with names and I dont have the movie here to look at to ues as a study guide but... The guy who he had to room with who had never felt love the sorta bigger dude I wanted him to at least get into bed with someone but I guess thats just because he reminded me much of myself in lots of ways. At the end when the lady is talking to the Pastor and he offers the money I must have got lost... What was that all about? Did she suddenly see love is universal and has no limits or bounds? Thanks for any help with this.