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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Running Deep

Lots of films have been made on dysfunctional families. Some strike a chord while others just leave you wondering, 'what was that!'. This film had an interesting premise and a lot could have been done but unfortunately it did not do too much for me.

Mike is now retired and has 2 sons: Matt and Kevin. Matt is adopted black son who is well settled finance guy who has cocaine problems and now his wife cannot handle it anymore. She wants divorce and would not let Matt see the kids. Mike is very uncomfortable with the gay life style of his son Kevin. One year after Mike's wife death, as per her will they go to the beach house for a vacation as they had many times. Except this time everyone has a secret. Kevin finds out that his boyfriend had been cheating on him and they break up right before this vacation. Matt gets the divorce papers from the lawyer. Matt gets so depressed that he ends u taking a cocaine overdose and dies. Mike blames Kevin for not telling him that Matt has started taking cocaine back. A year after his death Kevin goes back to the beach house to see how his father is doing. There is always tension between Kevin and Mike and we find out that the reason behind it is that Kevin saw Mike getting physical with a woman when he was 9 years old. He just cannot forget that. Meanwhile Kevin's ex finds out a dark secret about MIke being molested by a counselor when he was a kid and blackmails him that he will tell Kevin. When Kevin cannot take anymore from MIke about how he had not ben the son he wanted him to be, he confronts him about he day when he saw him as a 9 year old which leaves Mike speechless. He realizes that things are not simple. And later in an emotional moment he tells kevin all about his own time when he was molested. Kevin's ex realizing everything tries to kill Kevin since he his become obsessed with Kevin by now but fails when Mike saves Kevin's life ultimately bringing the father and the son closer to each other.

The difference from other dysfunctional family film and this was the way of narrating the story. Acting wise I seriously did not think any great shakes. The pace of the film could have been a little faster. Matt's character and his problems were not clear enough. A little more focus on that could have helped the film.

It strictly ok. A watchabale fare when u have nothing better to do. (5/10)

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