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Friday, January 30, 2009

Prayers For Bobby

A very very touching story. Considering that not until the end of the film I realized that this was based on a true story. I had tears in my eyes by the time the film ended. The film is set in 1982.

Bobby Griffith is a teen who has a loving family and a pretty good life. However, he believes himself to be a homosexual. He fears that his mother, Mary, will not accept him and love him anymore, due to her clear and well-known loath and contempt of gay and lesbians due to her faith and literal interpretation of the bible. When Bobby tells his brother he thinks he is gay, his brother tells Mary, hoping his mother can help Bobby. Instead, she treats Bobby as if he has a disease that can be "cured" through God. Mary's overbearing and abrasive treatment towards Bobby distances him from his family out to Oregon to live with his cousin, who believes anyone should be allowed to love anyone. While in Oregon, Bobby meets a guy David who makes him feel good about himself. When Bobby comes back from his vacation, he tells his family about the guy he met and his mother reacts as if he is a perverse and sick person. She tells him she WILL NOT have a gay son. This upsets Bobby enough to permanently move to Oregon without a goodbye from his mother. While in Oregon, feeling the isolation of the family he loves, he becomes suicidal and cannot take it anymore. He commits suicide. For the rest of the film, we see his mother go through some major character development and we see her try to overcome her ignorance. The movie ends on anote when the whole family comes to terms with the death and how now Mary is doing everything possible to help GLBT population. The climax of the film in the pride parade in SF was the ultimate.

I got so choked up at so many times watching the film. Many of us still go through this kind of treatment form our families because of their ignorance and religious beliefs. Its just so sad to see someone committing suicide. From writing to acting to direction, everything about this film was good.

Is a must see, for gays and specially their families. (8/10)


GC from France said...

As you said, it's a must see, for everyone. I couldn't help crying at the end. Hardly any other movie moved me as this one did. Pls everyone quit watching crap and take two hours of your time for this one.

Golu said...

Thanks for echoing my sentiments. I really wish people would see this beautiful film, Specially one of my close friends and his family.