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Sunday, January 25, 2009

No Night Is Too Long (Uk TV)

Well now this is one gay movie genre that I really haven't seen before. A thriller drama and romance all in one . It is so difficult to put the movie in a particular genre. For the first half an hour I wasn't sure about the film but as it progressed it became interesting.

Tim is a good looking college guy who enjoys attention from most women. A chance encounter with professor of paleontology Ivo changes his life. They get in a passionate affair which makes Ivo believe that him and Tim are in love. Tim is not so sure about the whole thing because Ivo is the only an he has ben with. They have plans to travel to Alaska to take cruise because of Ivo's work. Once they are in Alaska, Ivo has to suddenly go to another cruise to fill in for someone and hence Tim is left alone. He meets the beautiful Isabel and one thing leads t another and next we know is that Isabel and Tim are having an affair. Isabel lives in Vancouver and is in Alaska for her ailing friend. This is the first time time has felt love for someone and all he wants to do is get out of his relationship with Ivo. Ivo comes back and now they are ready t go to another cruise together. Tim is confused but after a while he has to tell Ivo. He refuses to accept that and does not want to leave Tim. Fearing for his life, one day Tim gets a chance and he leaves Ivo behind on a deserted island thinking he is dead and goes to Vancouver. But he has missed Isabel's address and so cant find her. He comes back to his home but images of Ivo keep haunting him. Later we are told that Ivo is alive and Isabel is actually his sister and he had asked her to keep an eye on Tim to make sure he behaves properly while Ivo was gone on the cruise. A year later Ivo meets Tim at a music festival. Tim is scared but Ivo tells him that he should not fear because he has overgrown his anger in this year. Ivo is later murdered and charges are pressed on Tim. Tim tells the whole story to the lawyer who suggests that he is selfish guy and he probably cannot love anyone. The movie ends with Isabel knocking on Tim's door but he cannot (or does not) want to open it.

The whole scene when Tim leaves Ivo on the island is simply brilliant. There were a very few loopholes in the whole scene. Direction and acting wise as well, the film was top notch. I am surprised that it was made for TV. The money spent to make the film beautiful was very visible. It kills you to see when Tim cannot confirm his love for Isabel in the end. You also get to see the over possessive facet of a gay man. Also they show how sometimes people can be confused (somehow I could not relate to that part)

A long movie but I would recommend it to watch. (7/10)


henry said...

First of all...i thank you for the reviews...i read your reviews first and then pick the movie i wish to really helps in saving my time by not watchin some junk.

Well, i just wanted to tell you about the movie that i saw today...Probably you might have seen it but i didnt find it in your blog thought of lettin you know. It's 'Prayers for Bobby'....Man, i loved this movie. In case you havent seen it, do watch it...i bet you will love it too because most of the movies, you have given the rating above 7, have compelled me to watch them more than ones. To name a few, 'Defying Gravity', 'Doing Time on Mapple Drive', 'To Wong Foo...' and many more...

Anyways, i have rattled enough. Thanks again. Lookin forward to read your reviews on Prayers for Bobby.

Golu said...

I dont beleive that I never checked comments on my posts. Never realized that anyone actually reads my reviews. Glad that at least I save sme of your time in not watching crap out there. Trust me, there is lot of i.

I am glad that you liked the movies which I gave good ratings. Yes I have seen Prayers for Bobby and I loved it. Please feel free to send me more suggestions.

Gandhi said...

might i join in.
me, too, i am reading your posts and find them very useful.

this here's based on a novel which i read during my thai trip, haha. the book was really captivating so i hope this movie'd better be good :))

thanks for the review!