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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Men's Mix One (Short Films)

This is a mix collection of gay short films. The primary focus in this series has been th award winning sort flms in various film festivals.

"Blurs" - A young teen boy sees 3 drag queens one day and decided to check out his mom's closet. His parents fearing the worse make him go to wrestling and do other things but when the boy tells about a old man chasing him, the mom puts her foot down and gets a dog instead.
"Touched" - This is set in Philadelphia's gay night life. A sex starved middle aged casting director Mike meets this young handsome man and they come home. We ultimately fid out that young man is homeless because he screwed up his life with drugs and his wife and kid left him. A very touching story when ultimately Mike feels he touched the young man by holding him in his arms.
"10 Pesos" - A weird story of how a 10 peso note travels between different hands.
"Safe Journey" - The Kid has no money, no place to live and nowhere to go. The Man has lost the one he loves. He is losing his eyesight. He's selling all his possessions so nothing will be left to lose. Both are trapped, each alone until Fate brings them together one windy autumn night. A very nice story.
"Gaydar" - This one is hilarious. Everyone in the office is confused about his hot guy's sexual orientation and he keeps the people guessing and he knows it. A guy finds a gaydar machine in yard sale and decided to try it out. After a turn of events, the girl next to stop stops him from doing so because if they find out, one of them will be disappointed and they both want to continue to live in their fantasies.

I loved Touched and Gaydar. Blurs and Safe Journey were ok. 10 pesos was weird. Still watching short films is always fun. (5.5/10)

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