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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Coming Out (German)

I believe that the film was one of the first ones to come out from Germany depicting trial and tribulations of gay life in the country. Though the film might not be perfect but given the time and setting it shows to a great extent the confusion that a man can go through trying to find the true self.

Philipp is a popular high school teacher (of course in closet) whose chance encounter with single and much looking Tanja leads to an affair between the two of them. Philipp thinks that his sexuality is cured. BUt when Tanja invites a friend of hers to the house, old feelings in Philipp are aroused again as he recognizes to have had some sexual encounters with the guy in the past. Enters Mathias, a young gay guy whom Philipp meets in a gay bar, they hang out and they ultimately have their first fulfilling physical encounter. Before things could get better, Philipp finds out that Tanja is pregnant. Philipp realizes his mistake, marries Tanja and everything is a secret from her. Mathias is devastated by Philipp suddenly disappearing from his life. He looks for him all over and wen he finds him, they other cant control their excitement. But as soon as Mathias finds out that Philipp is married he runs away. Tanja now knowing the truth does not want anything to do with Philipp. His mother also does not understand the whole thing. Now Philipp starts searching for true love but Mathias doesn't like him any more since his heart has already been broken once. On top of it, he is now dating one of Philipp's students. Philipp is scared for true love and also for his job. In a bar he meets a wise old man who tells him his own poignant story and the fact that things can be worse. Returning to his classroom Philipp is informed that he is under observation because of his sexual activity. Struck by silence, Philipp stands before his class, his future unknown And just says Yes thus telling us he accepts what he is and is ready to come out.

The lead character played by Philipp was very real and identifiable. I still cannot understand the opening scene of Mathias being in a hospital. It did not make sense. But the challenges and confusions Philipp goes through is done brilliantly. Also the scene where they show Mathias' whole family being supportive of his sexual orientation is also shown brilliantly. The old man telling his own story gives us all hope that things are not all that bad for our generation.

A warm nice film. Watch it when you have time. (5.5/10)

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