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Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Australia)

There are not many movies who deal with gays and drag queens in a normal and sympathetic way, too often they are just shown as stereotypes. This film is a wonderful exception.

The movie follows the story of 2 drag queens and 1 transsexual who follow a road trip across Australia to perform drag shows. Tick is the one who organizes the trip. He is the lead. He is married to a girl (who herself is bisexual) and also has a son which he is hiding from his friends. Adam/Felicia is the second drag queen who now has the biggest opportunity in life to perform in front of a large audience. Then there is the transexual Bernadette who acts as a balance between the two and supposedly most sophisticated. She has recently lost her husband and thats the reason she took the trip to get away from everyone. The 3 of them buy an old bus, name it Priscilla and move on. Thinking of taking a short cut, they drive through a desert and of course the bus fails. Starts here their journey of meeting some interesting people, noticeable among them being an old man who stats liking Bernadette. Filled with lots of performances of Abba, Tick finally feels ok to tell his son what he does and they both reunite.

The movie has excellent performances and wonderful costumes and dances when they do the drag performances. Its very difficult to single out any single person among the 3 of them but all of them have acted brilliantly. The film touched me at the point where it means to say that drags are also humans and that how some of them have feelings to have family and stuff.

Watch it. You may just like it for it being so gay. (6.5/10)

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