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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

24 Nights

This might not be the most brilliantly made film for holidays but I bet this one comes pretty darn close. Its funny, its poignant, it talks about santa, real love, family, friends etc and at no point does this film let you bore. Although the film probably has been made on a low budget but still there is no denying that after a few bad experiences in films , I am glad I saw this one. I can safely say this is my kind of film.

Jonathan lives with his sister Marie and her husband Stan (an underwear model) after his parents passed away. He still believes in Santa and writes him letter every christmas along with writing a letter to his parents as well. Their family is very over the top, overtly friendly and loud but very loving. The story goes through 24 nights before Christmas. Jonathan works in a book store with a his great gay buddy. This Christmas, he asks Santa to send him his true love with all typical characteristics. He think his wish is fulfilled when Toby walks in the book store next day looking for a job. Toby is this very handsome and smart southern boy. Jonathan immediately falls for him but very son his hopes are crashed when he fins out that Toby has a boyfriend Keith and it was for his school that they both moved to NYC. Toby is friendly and wants to go fro clubs and parties but Keith hates it. Once when Jonathan invites Toby for Christmas decorations to his family, he tags along Keith with him. Keith has instant disliking for Jonathan because he sees Jonathan has a crush for Toby and as asks him to not go out with Toby again. Marie confuses Keith to be the guy whom Jonathan likes and asks him to stay for dinner and hang out. Keith kind of enjoys it after a first not so good impression of the family. A series of events later, Keith and Toby have a fight over why Toby goes to clubs and Keith moves out. Having no where else to go he asks Marie's help and stays with them for couple of days. He starts liking Jonathan a lot because both of them are those typical romantic guys. Jonathan does not see it coming because he is still reeling under infatuation for Toby. Things are fine in the end when after a few fights, discussions, family interference, its santa who makes Jonathan realize that how he truly loves Keith and t was Keith and not Toby whom Santa had sent.

It seems like a serious romantic movie but its not. It has a lots of funny moment. Like Stan (the model) who is shown completely dumb, or the mother in law who keeps arguing with Marie. Stan's extended family friends on Christmas are funny too. Overall nice romantic, comedy holiday movie. Jonathan's character was shown rally confused and you could see why and empathize with him. Toby was hot but he knew he is not he one who Keith wants to be. Toby wanted to be a fre bird whereas Keith likes stability. Acting wise everyone did a great job and ys Toby was really god looking.

I would watch it again. Its my kind 0f movie. (7/10)


Anonymous said...

Yes great movie! I did however dislike and I hope I am not mixing this up with another film but dosnt Jonathan end up tripping over a bong and cutting his foot? I know that as a sterotype gay men love their drugs but I just dont see why in film we (as gay persons) have to be shown as huge drug loving, sluts! Again just me trying to voice my little thoughts. Now that your reading this I bet your thinking I am more and more of a geek and your right. HAHA LOL!

Paul Delgadillo said...

Johathan is a stoner and he gets stoned to try and deal with the deep seated pain he is still dealing with after his parents died in that car crash. It appears the that event was PTSD moment in Jonathan's life where his maturity totally stopped. Jonathan may be an adult but he acts like a kid. Even Keith, who is studying to become a psychotherapist mentions that he is shocked to find out that Jonathan did have at least one boyfriend in the past and that Jonathan did have actual sex which Keith says is "an adult act." Don't forget that Toby is played by David Burtke, the future husband of Neil Patrick Harris. Yes, this film was made on a low budget but I do love the chemistry between the actors. Jonathan runs to the apartment of that lesbian friend who works at the bookstore because Marie has had it with Jonathan's childish antics and his continual pot smoking because she believes its a bad example for her child. We never see that child and the gift opening scene was a bit forced with the crazy aunt who has a fetish for sniffing mens' underwear.

Toby sums up Jonathan's family, the Parkers, very well when he says "Y'all is like the Addams Family."

Golu said...

very well said and answered to the above comment. To be honest, it has been a while since I saw the film, so I may not be able to add much at this point.