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Saturday, December 20, 2008

True Love (Short Stories)

This movie is another collection of seven short love stories explores the ups and downs of gay relationships. ach short represents a snap shot of gay life; growing up, growing old, and falling in & out of love. Although, the title "True Love" may not fully speak for the wide spectrum of perspectives in gay life shown in the 7 shorts, it does represent what each short's character was trying to find.

"A Christmas Story" - The collection starts with this silent film about a little boy and his gender-crossing attempts to get attention from his parents.
"Going Gay" - A sixteen-year-old boy in a car is shown fingering a necklace as his father grills him about being caught having sex with his best friend.
"History" - This one, shot mostly in an LA restaurant, tells a story of a gay uncle and his now-adult nephew dealing with their past.
"Sunday" - A well-worn couple spends their Sunday morning in bed telling a tale of immense love and devotion.
"He Was Perfect" - This is the story of a young man on a search for love, and a twisted couple he gets in the middle of.
"Staying Together" - At a dinner party, two men reinforce their love in the kitchen while their buddies speculate.
"A Little Drama" - The stunning conclusion is the story of Romeo and Juliet, a kiss, and the show's lighting panel operator.

Personally I thought 'He was Perfect' was best. This one actually if deigned properly can be made in a feature. 'History' was kind of cute. Seeing 2 old men still very much in love with each other was very heartening. Rest were all ok.

Another decent collection of shorts. Some good, some ok. (5/10)

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