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Friday, December 5, 2008

R U Invited? 5 Guys and a Sex Party

Another one of those movies whih dont let us use ur brains too much but at the same time neither bore us o an extent to switch off the movie. A film made on a very small budget, as the name suggests talk about 5 individual men and what they go through whne they decide to go to a naked party.

Ben lives with his sugar- daddy and just chills out everyday at home. His friends Gordy, CHarlie and Mondo keep visiting him. Mondo's boyfriend is Jason. One day they all decide to go to a naked sex party. However, to qualify for attendance each invitee must submit revealing photos as a "screening" process."Now Jason is nt too keen to go to the party but is ging just because Mondo wants to go and jason loves Mondo. Gordy is the kind of guy who cares just about sex and not for everybody else's feelings. He has a history with Mondo and keeps poking at Jason to irritate him. As the party time keeps coming closer, all these people have to deal with thier issues. Jason confronts Gordy why is he doing what he is doing and probably he doesn't like the fact that others can be happy in a relationship. Mondo keeps forcing Jason to go who clearly does not want to go. In the end, Jason decided to stay but Mondo says very clearly that he will go. Among all these people is Charlie, a fat boy (in comparison to all other 4 hot guys) who deeply loves someone but who doesn't care for him at all. Naturally because of his looks, Charlie doesn't get invited to the party and moreover his boyfriend comes over. Charlie has had enough and he breaks up with him. Gordy feels bad for him and apologizes for his behavior and decided to stay back to give him company. Ben is the only one who is normal, likes to help everyone and loves his sugar daddy but its k for them to play around and the old man understands it. In the sex party Ben enjoys while Mondo struggles o see if he made the right decision.

An ok film with performances by some stereotypical gay characters. I personally liked the character of Ben because only he seemed to care for true friendship without hoping for any rewards. He loves his old man, cares for him but then also has his own needs. In the end, the ld guy tries to tell Jason that everyone cannot be the same. You have t let the person be himself who you love otherwise life would be too difficult.

A total timepass film. (5/10)

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