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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Writing review for this film is not something I am worth doing but then this is the only way to show my appreciation to the makers of the film and to thank hem for making such a wonderful film. Although the film is set in 70s, it could be true even in todays time.

Harvey Milk and his partner Scott move to Castro district in SF in early 70s and open a photo shop. Slowly in the interest of the gay community in his neighborhood, Milk decides to become a gay rights activist and run for city elections. Of course he looses twice. But during all these times, how he overcomes all the challenges and hardships that are faced by the gay community are wonderfully woven in the movie. His spokesperson Cleve Jones does a great job. How his partner Scott decided to break up because he cannot handle anymore politics in his life. Milk gets a new crazy Latino boyfriend who commits suicide because he cant keep up with Milk's busy schedule. On his third run for elections he gets selected as city supervisor but the following year both he and the mayor get shot dead by a fellow supervisor Dan White who blamed his former colleagues for denying White's attempt to rescind his resignation from the board.

Story wise, it seems its simple but I have to tell you its much more tan that. From wonderful performances by everyone in the cast to a great direction this film has everything going for it. Everyone should see this movie. Not only does it educate us on San Fransisco history but it also educates us all on what is currently going on in the world and how important civil rights are to EVERYONE. I wish this film came out during the battle with No on Prop 8 because I think it would of made an impact on those who didn't understand the prop.

I dont know why I cant find words to praise this movie but please do yourself a favor. Go and watch this film. (8/10)

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Anonymous said...

Me and my sister made a plan to see this in the movies but we never got around to it. I recently got to borrow it from a friend of mine at work. The movie is very nice I think a lot of work went into it. The characters as best I could tell were well researched and played greatly. This type of movie for me is depressing. Yes its things we (as gay people) deal with and should not turn a blind eye too but when I watch a film I want to entertained I like being taken to a place where if only for a short brief time everything is fine one where I come out of the event changed feeling uplifted and better about not just myself but maybe things around me. I could not say one bad thing about this film its just not what I go into willingly.