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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Matthew Shepard Story

Wow!! Now his was a wonderful film. If this film doesn't bring tears to your eyes and choke you p a little bit, then I wonder what would. Even after you finish watching the film, its is so unbelievable that this actually happened with Matthew Shepard.

Matthew is a young man living in Wyoming. He is gay and one day he is killed brutally by 2 young men. The film primarily focusses on his parents after a year, how they have been dealing with this situation now that the trial is coming to an end. Their lawyer asks them to prepare to say something about Matthew on the final day in court. He is pretty sure that the defendant would get death sentence but is that what hey really want. The parents o through flashbacks of his childhood, moving from Wyoming to Saudi Arabia. Matthew studies in boarding school, falls in love with Pablo, his classmate but gets beaten up on a trip to Morocco by local goons for being gay. Matthew's parents decide to move back to Wyoming but even this is not suitable since it is totally a non gay-friendly city. Matthew decided to move to Denver, what goes on with his life in Denver. They try and find all about it. FInally he moves back to Wyoming only to be lured away by his two killers. In the end, the parents ask for forgiveness of the killers so that every minute that they are alive, they can think of Matthew because of whom they are alive.

Every single scene in the movie was touching. Matthew's struggle with himself, the society and the people around him is shown very realistically. Its only people like us who can realize how difficult it is for us t fit in the society and feel accepted. It is a constant struggle. The parents n the other hand also have don a great job. They acceptance f however he is and feeling proud for being Matthew's parents is really commendable.

I am so glad for having watched this film. Words can't express. (8/10)


Anonymous said...

I think this one was a made for TV movie. I remember it has Sam Waterston who I have loved ever since I saw the movie "Serial Mom" I believe his work on the show Law and Order might have made him best for playing Matthew's father you can see so many emotions going threw this actors face, eyes, voice when he is doing his thing. I dont believe you can get this on DVD but I would not mind owning it.

Golu said...

The only way to own would to be to get a ripped version of the film from net somewhere