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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Echte Kerle (German) [Regular Guys]

Age old formula where a gay guy falls for a straight man and eventually straight guy turning gay has been done so many times. BUt it seems so unreal. Finally a straight guy who is definitely straight. This movie deals with the chemistry between a gay man and a confused sexist cop beautifully.

Chris Schwenk is a regular macho policeman whose partner is Mike. Chris' girlfriend one fine day just dumps him. Getting too drunk that night, the next morning he finds himself in bed with a guy called Edgar. Chris doesn't remember what happened and Edgar refuses to tell although he invites Chris t stay with him if he wants. Chris refuses for obvious reasons but after his car also gets stolen , he has no choice but to come and stay with Edgar. Their bonding slowly gets stronger. Meanwhile another cop in training Helen joins the team of Chris and Mike. She also has a broken love behind her and slowly she gets a liking for Chris but just cannot understand her. Edgar deals with stolen cars and refurbish them. His friend Marco deals with stolen parts. When Chris finds out that cops can be after him, he advises Edgar and Marco to stay out of all this for some time. Edgar agrees because he has a very strong feeling and emotions for Chris but knows very well that Chris is straight. There are a lot of moments between the 2 characters regarding this. Ultimately all 3 cops become friendly with Edgar and help him. They each find it easier to turn the other cheek and support each other. The ending pairs off the various members of this story in a warm and funny way, a manner which some may find predictable, Helen and Chris together and Mike declaring that he is gay and is now boyfriends with Edgar.

Acting wise everyone was very good. The main characters of Chris and Edgar were specifically very well characterized. The supporting roles were also well defined. It was a drama but with a touch of comedy built in. The movie also dealt with the fact that not every stariht guy can turn gay and also the fact that a gay and a straight guy can have a perfectly healthy friendship.

I think this was my second time watching it. Its definitely worth a watch. (6.5/10)

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