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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breakfast on Pluto (UK)

Who does not want to be loved? Not many of us, and Kitten wants it more than most. Her journey to find love in whatever form it may take is both touching and harrowing at times.

Patrick "Kitten" is abandoned on the parish house doorstep by an anonymous mother. Father Bernard takes the baby in and finds a foster home for the child. We later learn that the child is as the result of a liaison between the priest and his housekeeper. It's quite an auspicious beginning for this budding young drag queen who is immediately tagged as different. He makes friends with a mentally challenged boy, the only person of color in their school and her boyfriend. Kitten's boyhood is always a struggle – he's not only gay, but a drag queen. After being caught dresing up too many times, he flees the small town for the big city. He decides he needs to find his mother in London and so he's off. Finding all sorts of trouble doesn't bring this upbeat character down. Kitten just slogs his way through everything. His first boyfriend turns out to be running guns. Some how Kitten manages to save her life and move on. He picks up a man in London who tries to strangle him. He's in a club when it's bombed and he's accused of being the "Trannie Bomber" – oh well. This is one young man with perfect Karma. Towards the end KItten does find his mother but he never discloses his identity and is just happy to see his mother happy with a family. He just lives with his friend and her baby.

The story moves as different chapters in Kitten's life which talk about different incidents that happen in her life. Each chapter show us a different facet of his life. While some are cheesy, others are hair rising and make you think. Performance wise the lead character is reallygod. Its a very very tough act to do but he has done it very well. For me personally the movie was a little long and it could have had a much better impact if it was trimmed down.

Overall a decent experience. Not too bad. (5.5/10)

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Anonymous said...

Odd, Strange, Touching film... This movie makes me thin back to watching Velvet Goldmine. I understand and relate to people with gender identity issues and though Pattrick AKA Kitten never goes for an operation its clear that is what he wished for or so thats what I felt he wanted. Mixed in with the IRA bombings of the time maybe thats why parts of the film were odd to me maybe!? Over all its about finding out where your from and how to carry on and being loved. The trials of love and finding self love can be seen in diffrent chapters of the movie much like the book he was writing. I enjoyed the film and would tell others to view it. I just dont feel it would be needed in my own collection. In some ways I wonder if maybe who ever wrote this was making a autobiography of himself or someone close to himself but who knows?