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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Boy Crush (Short Films)

Seven short films in which gay youths and young men negotiate society, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. In several, teen boys come out, perhaps first to a close friend - how will the friends react? For some youths, coming out risks violence. In two films, love is thwarted - by mother, in one, and by immigration, in another.

"Night Swimming" - This terrific bittersweet teen drama depicts that perennial gay dilemma: falling for straight boys. Young Otter idolizes his alpha-male buddy Darby who just might have similar feelings for him. This exquisitely crafted story unfolds on a road-trip to New York City.
"Summer" - This intricately crafted short delicately explores the ache of unrequited love as Leung reveals his true feelings for his beefy straight pal Will on an expedition in jungle. Will being a good friend reciprocates that he will be there for him.
"Oedipus" (French) - Thomas, a gay man who dies and then awakens as a clone in a terrifying sci-fi future only to have his mother deny him access to his boyfriend as she attempts to cure his sexual preference.
"Out Now" (German) - Small town shy teen Tom is tormented by his high school classmates while he pines over the blond boy at the candy kiosk. Finally he gets the courage and overcomes all obstacles
"Running Without Sound" - A deaf teen with a crush on his pal grapples with confusing emotions and tensions with his fellow cross-country runner team-mates in this finely crafted gay jock story.
"The Bridge" - A forboding dramatic snapshot of a bi-national gay couple who just want to be together in Sydney. BUt circumstances force one of them to leave Sydney because he does not have valid papers to live in the country.
"Hitchcocked" - This smart, sexy, scary short gives new meaning to the term: shower scene. LIterally. This is a rle play scene between boyfriends who are soon to get married.

All were pretty decent movies except Oedipus. That was really weird. Plus I did not get too much out of 'Out Now' . My favs would be 'Summer' because of emotions and 'Hitchcocked' because it really came as a surprise. (5.5/10)

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