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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

3-Day Weekend

A story about friends hanging out together or a weekend kind of reminds you of 'Love, Valor and Compassion', and this is mentioned in the movie itself but the similarity just ended here. It is something different and a nice mix of different gay relationships (old, young, open relationship ,monogamous etc.) and enough drama to keep viewers entertained.

Long-term couple Simon and Jason, along with “daddy-ish” Cooper and his boy of the moment Ace, meet annually for a three-day weekend away from their hectic city lives. Looking to spice up this long-standing tradition, they add a special twist to this year’s retreat -- each of them must invite one attractive single friend to their mountain getaway. Arriving are a frisky former college roommate, Cameron a constantly naked yoga instructor, Simon’s uptight geeky co-worker Mac and a high-priced rent boy Andre, who do indeed stir up the weekend posing as Jason's single friend. Tensions start just when Andre walks in and Mac, Kevin and Cooper recognize him. Simon and Jason have their one more of various fights over this. They apparently have an open relationship but never bring any boy home. One day Simon, Jason and Andre end up having a threesome and Jason not liking it this time. Because of constant fighting, they just decide to separate and Jason leaves. Meanwhile Kevin makes sure he brings out the confidence in Mac and let him know hat he is smart, handsome and sexy. We see a beautiful relationship building between the two. And then we have the old Cooper with his very young boy Ace. Ace is completely in love with Cooper and wants everything in life like a regular couple with Cooper. He fears he wont have enough time with Cooper because of the huge age difference between the two. Cooper had been in hat situation when he was young and he promises Ace to be there with him. And finally we have Cameron, the college broke guy who knows he is not good at anything. He gets lots of information from Andre about being an escort and toys with the idea of joining the profession because he thinks he might be able to do something there and make some money.

The movie just walks us through different relationships - a couple breaking up, a new budding romance, a very much in love couple, a struggling with his life young boy and an escort. Performances are ok by everyone. There was nothing extraordinary about the movie in my opinion except trying to show different. Made at what looks like avery low budget, its a decent watch. Dont expect any great shakes.

Watch it for its simplicity and everyday characters. (5.5/10)

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