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Friday, November 14, 2008

Keller - Teenage Wasteland (German) [Out Of Hand]

I thought it would be an interesting film. Actually to a very little extent it was. But I feel cheated when I see a film after being told it has gay references but then it turns out something different. There was only a slight hint that one of the boys like the other but apart from that there was nothing gay about the film. More about that later.

16 year olds Paul, a poor slum living boy and Sebastian, a rich boy meet and strike friendship in no time. They are bored in life and drink alcohol, steal and attend a private school. They are caught stealing in a supermarket by an employee, a young woman named Sonia. They are thrown out by her. They follow her home and in no time kidnap her. From here starts a confusing and a dark world. The boys really dont know whey they kidnapped her. They initially did for fun but now Sebastian thinks that she will tell everyone if they release her. In all this, Paul feels a little odd. He doesn't want to be involved but he also doesn't want to let his friend down. Paul becomes more distant with Sebastian as he starts to feel attracted to Sonja, trying to help her as much as possible. While Sebastian, not admitting even to himself that he has fallen in love with Paul, feels hurt and jealous... and becomes capable of anything. Sebasian has some psychological issues maybe. In the end Paul helps the girl escape and has sex with her, all this while Sebastian being tied up and just wondering.

Like I said, its a weird dark movie which to an extent dives into the minds of teenage bored boys who have nothing to do. Performance wise I have to give good marks to both the boys. They both acted their part petty well and did a good job specially Sebastian.

A strictly Ok movie for me. Could have been shorter and much better. (4/10)

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