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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Straight Men and the Men Who Love Them 2

A collection of 9 short stories. But this time its the story about straight men who end up having sex with another men.

"Tease" - A guy strips when no one i at work
"Subconsious" - A bad break up leads a man to tap into his subconcious and the way he really feels.
"Courtship at the Office" - Crossed wires lead to unexpected results when a business man confesses his affection to an associate.
"Midnight Snack" - A shocking short film. A couple celebrating their anniversary meet a filmmaker at a bar. Soon the film producer will find out that there is more than meets the eye when he finds out the couple's hidden agenda.
"Thirteen or so Minutes" - 2 guys wake up in the morning embarrassed by what happened last night since they are straight. They talk and end up confessing they loved it and would love to continue the relationship.
"The House of Adam" - The original short describes the initial relationship between Adam, a small town country restaurant worker and the relationship he develops with the son of the restautant's owner.
"Confidences" - Wedding invitations are about to be mailed when Casey abruptly calls off the wedding sending her fiance, Clay, into a tailspin. Clay's best friend Reggie (a black guy) breaches the sanctity of their friendship to bring Clay face to face with what his 'business as usual' approach toward Casey has fostered and what he must do to correct it.
"Soldier's Choice" - A dark romance about a Marine's clumsy first date. On vacation in New York City, Marine John private meets a handsome but lonely Chelsea boy named Damon. Damon assumes the Marine just wants sex but when John proposes they go out on a real "date" Damon begins to think perhaps he has finally found the man of his dreams. When the boys get caught up in a moment of passion John must choose between his devotion to the Marine Corps and his desire for love and companionship.
"Reunited" - Two childhood friends are reunited under extreme circumstances.

Out of all these films, there were only 2 shorts worth talking about : House of Adam and !3 minutes or so. Rest all were useless. My stars are only for these 2 stories. (4/10)

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