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Wednesday, October 8, 2008


A very interesting film that makes a spoof on the whole invent of reality television. I wouldn't have been surprised that if this idea was picked up and they actually made a reality show out of it.

A new reality show requires a straight man to pretend to be gay and marry a gay man. He has to convince everyone and have his family over for the ceremony. All this in a week's time. Enters Malcolm, the straight man, a wannabe actor/model who wants money. When he meets the potential gay guy Spencer, he doesn't think much except that Spencer is this typical flamboyant gay guy who wears garish flaming clothes. But both of them have to go through it. Malcolm first invites his best friend Bradley who is completely blown over by the fact that Malcolm is gay and just cant believe it. Spencer's girlfriend comes and starts hitting all over Bradley. Malcolm invites his parents and a whole series of funny incidents happen when he tries to convince his ultra conservative parents that he is gay. Spencer's family turns out to be typical southerners. They have their own way of looking at things. It seems everything is fine and everyone is convinced when at the time of wedding Bradley decided to come out that he is gay and has always had crush on Malcolm but now since he is marrying Spencer , he is happy for him. Spencer realizes that they should not make fun of marriage even if they dont believe in the institution. Malcolm tells the reality to everyone and still they end up winning the money because as per show the condition was to bring their family to the wedding.

The performance is good by everyone involved. The entire film is as if you are watching a reality show. Where they show incidents and then interviews by individual members. In between all this you see the hilarious host who seems like a ghost and comes out of nowhere.

The film was a decent attempt at spoofing the reality tv and could be an ok time pass movie. (4.5/10)

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