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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh Happy Day (UK)

There are very few gay romantic comedy films. So in that sense watching this movie was interesting. Its 2 hours of escapism on how and what you would define happiness in life.

David and Jonathan meet at a advertising awards party and end up having a one night stand which later turns out to be a small date with Jonathan's family when Jonathan's daughter and ex wife welcome him in the morning. The blond David from New York likes black Jonathan's family (they live in England) and they spend some time together and decide to meet later. Next day they realize that David is actually client for Jonathan's company and they will be working together for a while. Jonathan completely freaks out and asks David that they should forget what happened and concentrate on work. David is hurt but goes along with it. They both try to bring each other down during this period (some hilarious sequences) but ultimately realize that they love each other and like to be with each other. During this process, we realize that Jonathan has commitment issues. He is not what he seems to be. He is not very happy in life but pretends to be. David tries to change him but fails. Also Jonathan likes to be in charge of things. The campaign he designs is not acceptable o David but for job security, Jonathan sees it as the right campaign even though it is not the truth. David breaks up with him. Jonathan son realizes that he is in love and sometimes to be happy you have to accept other things. Jonathan finally gives in, comes out of his misery and tells the world who he really is.

The main cast was very interesting. Good looking an acted well by both. In the supporting cast, I loved the 2 old women. They were pretty darn cool. Jonathan's daughter Poppy was also nice. Overall a realistic gay fun and romance.

Its a good time pass. I liked it. (6/10)

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Anonymous said...

This was on LOGO about a month or so ago. I felt it was good because you see the other workers in the group a lot I think they should have spent time working on maybe each of their own story lines but instead you get only the two leads for the most part. Still view it. This would be one I think I would rent rather than own.